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  • 1 North Tower

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    1.1 Energy balance

    Did you know that the energy balance of the WTC destruction process cannot be explained by jet fuel?


    1.2 Dust analysis of the collected samples

    Did you know that the collected dust samples of the destroyed World Trade Center contain high levels of nuclear fission products of the element uranium?

    Official analysis data; search terms: "Uranium", "Barium", "Strontium"

    Table (U.S. Geological Survey USGS – original data)

    Local copy:

    Screenshot: official data by "U.S. Geological Survey"


      In an induced chain reaction, the element 235uranium decays with a high probability into:

    • 143barium

    • 93strontium

    Probabilities of uranium splitting into two light atomic nuclei

    This map is interactive, click here to check the nuclear fission:

    This map is interactive, just GET THE FACTS.


    1.3 Bursting of the North Tower

    Did you know that the North Tower did not collapse but burst open and that it got ripped open at the side?

    Ejection of material


    How can this ejection of material / the sudden removal of the building's steel core and its simultaneous bursting be explained?

    1.4 Energetically standing wave

    Did you know that following an "engergetic event" in a fluid a kind of needle develops, forming a single, standing shock wave?


    Did you know that this standing needle – the soliton – can also develop in solids liquefied by a sudden energetic shock and that it can reach temperatures of more that 3,000 °C ?


    1.5 Lateral eruptions

    Did you know that the two towers ejected their own material from the inside out in an eruption – and partly in form of a trajectory parabola?

    Ejection of material mapped graphically


    1.6 Plasmatic pinholing

    Did you know that there is a very simple explanation for the entire destruction process observed?

    Logical course of events

    • Implosion (typical blast): connection of the elevator shafts

    • Ignition of the nuclear weapon: strong neutron radiation in upwards direction, evaporization of the steel beams due to the absorption of fast neutrons

    • Shotgun principle: formation of an upshooting, superhot plasmatic needle and eruption-like ejection of material / pulverization of the concrete due to a steam explosion of all the water chemically bound in the concrete

    • Interaction with radioactivity: Cherenkov radiation

    • Radiation protection sealing of the cavity, the bedrock remains radioactive

    Shooting up into the sky – "Operation Upshot II"

    Source (modified):

    1.7 Snapshot: disintegration&obliteration

    Did you know that the building blew out its contents similar to a volcano in action while disintegrating from top to bottom?


    Ejection of material; SLOW MOTION


    The video is played forward!

    Material is thrown up and out, the footage is NOT PLAYED IN REVERSE!



    BBC: WTC-1 disintegration


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